Intensive Therapy


The intensive therapy format differs from traditional 45-minute weekly sessions in several important ways. For some patients, 45-minute sessions can feel too brief. Dr. Esnil offers a highly effective, research supported, and innovative alternative model of therapy that maximizes  therapeutic potency and efficiency. Intensive therapy provides more frequent concentrated doses of therapy by combining multiple sessions in a back-to-back format. In fact, many clients engaged in intensive therapy report rapid achievement of counseling goals with significant, immediate, and lasting symptom reduction. Patients who may benefit from intensive therapy include:

  • Those lacking access to a trained T.E.A.M. therapist in their area.
  • Those who prefer to work and learn skills more rapidly than a weekly format.
  • Those that lack sufficient time to work in a traditional format.
  • Individuals suffering from mild to debilitating panic, anxiety, or depression and desire therapist-assisted cognitive behavioral therapy.

Intensive therapy is generally arranged under the following guidelines:

  • Scheduled following an initial intake session, thorough assessment, and understanding of the therapeutic goals of the patient.
  • There is no set duration for intensive therapy and the format is unique based on each individual case and the specific needs of the client. Intensive therapy schedules typically range from two to 20 hours per week.
  • On-going collaboration between the client and Dr. Esnil.
  • Assessment of client scores on therapy outcome measures before and after each session.

Dr. Esnil has experience and expertise in conducting intensive therapy. While intensive therapy isn’t appropriate in every case, Dr. Esnil can help you determine if it’s right for you. If you are interested in learning more about intensive therapy, please feel free to contact Dr. Esnil for a consultation.