Couples Initial Intake Session


The process for scheduling the initial intake session with couples is slightly different than individual counseling. For couples, Dr. Esnil recommends scheduling several in office sessions as follows:

  1. First, a 90-minute initial intake session with the couple.
  2. Second, a 45-minute individual session with each partner.
  3. Lastly, a 90-minute session with the couple.

During this session, you will have time to meet with Dr. Esnil to:

  • express your goals for treatment,
  • participate in a thorough psychological assessment,
  • gain an understanding of Dr. Esnil’s approach to therapy, and
  • collaborate & determine the best course of action for on-going couples counseling and / or referrals to additional health service providers.

If at the end of the intake process we agree to work together, we will begin on-going treatment.

To learn more about her practice or to inquire about setting up an initial intake session, please call or email Dr. Esnil (650.255.2679 /

After communicating with Dr. Esnil please visit the Schedule Online Now page for easy, secure, online scheduling of your initial intake session.