Anxiety Therapy

Possible Experiences:
 • Feelings: worry, fear, anxiousness, nervousness, panic
 • Physiological responses: increased perspiration, increased heart rate, nausea
 • Negative thoughts: I’m not smart enough, I’ll never have enough time to finish all of my tasks, I fear I will loose control of myself
 • Behaviors: avoiding certain social situations, places or goals; inability or difficulty in initiating verbal contributions in meetings or social situations; strong urge to bolt or leave situations

Potential Counseling Goals:
 • Gain support
 • Gain insight from your experiences
 • Learn to reduce physiological reactivity
 • Eliminate avoidance behavior
 • Change negative subjective cognitions
 • Learn personally effective skills to reduce anxiety

Potential Psychological Outcomes:
 • Ability to take control of anxiety
 • Express Feelings
 • Asking for your needs
 • Challenge beliefs